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Talang Satang National Park

Talang Satang National Park

Kuching Division, Sarawak

Established: 1999

Area: 194.14 sq km

Wild Life: Black-naped Tern, Sea Snake, Coral Snake, Stonefish, Marine Turtle and Cone Shells

Adventure: Wildlife Viewing, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Location: Kuching Division

Region: The park comprises the coastline and sea surrounding four islands of the southwest coast of Sarawak; Pulau Talang Besar (Greater Talang Island) and Pulau Talang Kecil (Lesser Talang Island) off Sematan, and Pulau Satang Besar (Greater Satang Island) and Pulau Satang Kecil (Lesser Satang Island) off Santubong, near Kuching. The area of sea and sea bed for 4.8 km (3-statute miles) from the highest point of each island. Nearest Town: Kuching

Language: Malay, English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin

Temp: 23 c to 31 c

Best Time to Visit: 01-Apr to 30-Sep

Nearest Airport: Kuching International Airport

Accommodation: There is small, locally operated visitor lodge on Pulau Satang Besar, with limited amenities and accommodation. There is no visitor accommodation elsewhere in Talang-Satang National Park, and overnight stays are not permitted due to the need for conservation of turtle nesting areas. There are no canteens or other visitor facilities, so visitors should bring food and drink with them.

How to Reach there: Pulau Satang Besar is 30-minute boat ride from Damai Beach, Sarawak Boat Club Jetty or Telaga Air Jetty. There is no regular boat service and visitors should travel in an organized tour. number of Kuching-based tour operators run day trips to the island, often in conjunction with other marine-based activities such as dolphin watching or mangrove cruises. All other areas of Talang-Satang National Park are off limits to visitors except by special arrangement, in which case transport will be organized by Sarawak Forestry.

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