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Loagan Bunut National Park

Loagan Bunut National Park

Miri Division, Sarawak

Established: 1990

Area: 107.36 sq km Wild Life: Darter, Egret, Heron, Bittern, Eagle, Swallow, Stork, Broadbill, Malkoha, Kingfisher, Magpie Robin, Dove, Bulbul, Drongo, Flying Fox Hornbill, Kite, Barking Deer, Bearded Pig, Sambar Deer, Argus Pheasant, Long-tail Macaque, Black Barded Langur, Lesser Mouse Deer, Small-tooth Palm Civet, Giant Squirrel, Gibbon, Crocodile and Oriental Darter

Adventure: Boating, River Trip, Bird Watching and Photography

Location: Miri Division

Region: Situated near the border of Sarawak and Brunei, about 80 km (50 miles) south to southeast of Miri, part of the Sungai Tinjar catchment area.

Region: Lapok Village

Language: Malay, English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin

Altitude: 128 m

Rainfall: 3,500 cm

Temp: 23 c to 30 c

Best Time to Visit: 01-Mar to 30-Oct

Nearest Airport: Miri International Airport

Accommodation: The Forest Hostel at the Park HQ has rooms with double-decker bunk beds each. There is small canteen serving simple cooked meals, snacks and drinks. generator supplies electricity during the evenings. (6.00am to 12.00 midnight). The Mutiara Hostel is operated by local Berawan family and offers twin-bed rooms plus 15-person dormitory with sleeping mats. Visitors may cook their own food in simple kitchen ingredients and cold drinks are available from the floating grocery shop nearby. Alternatively the owners will cook meals if ordered in advance.

How to Reach there: Loagan Bunut is approximately 120km or hours by road from Miri, with half the journey along gravel roads. number of travel agents in Miri operate tours to the park. If you wish to travel independently, there is regular bus service, and somewhat quicker but more expensive 4WD service from Miri to Long Lapok, small town about 15 km from the Park Headquarters. Leave the bus at Lapok Bridge and enquire at one of the nearby coffee shops for private transport to the park. If there is group of you the fare will be few Ringgit each, but if you are travelling alone you may have to pay for the entire van or 4WD. If you have reservation at Mutiara Hostel, they will normally meet and transport you from Lapok Bridge.


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