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Largest Covered

Largest Covered

Welcome toThe World's Largest Covered only 10 minutes from the city centre

Located in the serene and scenic Lake Gardens, close to the Orchid Garden and the Tun Abdul Razak Memorial, the Bird Park is one of the largest covered bird park in the world, sprawling 8 acres of verdant valley terrain. Here, for the first time in Malaysia, bird lovers can have a field day watching more than 3000 birds perching and winging about freely-in a totally natural and beautifully landscaped enviroment.

Hornbills, Flamingos, Parrots, Cockatoos, Storks, Pheasants, Mynahs Pigeons, Macaws. Ducks, Waterhens and more feathered citizens and ambassadors gathered together from countries like Australia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia, Tanzania, China Holland, Africa, South America, South East Asia and of course, Malaysia.

While the birds are allowed to fly freely, the incompatatible species are confined in Display Aviaries and specially designed open exhibits. Some of these enclosures also house samplings of the other species for those who wish to admire them at close quarters.

Visitors will enjoy strolling through the park along a maze of paved walkways - amidst a profusion of greenery, refreshing air, pleasant trills, coos and whistles of birdsong.

At various points, you'll be delighted to come across miniature gardens, pools and water cascades, bridges, flowering plants, fruit trees...and bird - feeding stations.

At the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, you'll spend engrossing hours spotting and studying the huge and fascinating variety of the feathered beauties found here.

Catch the sweeping flights of Egrets and Whistling Teals, the melodic chirps of yellow - Corwned Bulbuls, the shrieking mimicry of the Hill Mynahs or watch enthralled the ingenious nest making of Baya Weavers. A wonderful time for bird - watching, outdoor fun and recreation awaits you.


* Souvenir Shops
* Refreshment Kiosk
* Hornbill Restaurant & Kafe
* Rest & Picnic Areas
* Baggage Service
* Clean Public Toilets
* Phone Booths
* Car Park

Daily Activities:
TIME 	                PROGRAMMES / ACTIVITIES        VENUE
10.00am-5.00pm 	         Bird Photography 	          Zone 4 (Photo Booth)
9.00am & 2.30pm 	 Birds Feeding Points 	          Zone 1/2/3
10.30am 	         Free Flying Birds Feeding 	      Zone 1 (Next Brahminy Land)
11.30am 	         Hornbill Feeding 	              Zone3 (Hornbill Park)
12.00pm 	         Lorries Feeding 	              Zone 4 (World of Parrots)
12.30pm 	         Bird Show (Duration: 20-30 min)  Zone 4 (Amphitheatre)
1.00pm 	                 Ostriches Feeding 	          Zone 4 (Flightless Birds)
1.30pm 	                 Lorries Feeding 	          Zone 4 (World of Parrots)
2.30pm                   Eagles Feeding 	          Zone 1 (Brahminy Land)
3.30pm                   Bird Show (Duration: 20-30 min)Zone 4 (Amphitheatre)
4.00pm 	                 Milky Stork Feeding 	      Zone 4 (Milky Way)
Add Bird Show at 10.30am on Public Holidays only.