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Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park

Malay, Sabah

Established: 1964

Established: 754.00 sq km

Wild Life: Bearded Pig, Sun Bear, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Tree Shrew, Tree Squirrel, Ground Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Pangolin, Palm Civet, Malay Weasel, Rat, Mice, Bat, Flying Fox, Leopard Cat, Common Sub-alpine Bird, Black Mountain Blackbird, Red Mountain Blackbird, Smaller Dark Olive-green Blackeye, Red-breasted Partridge, Crimson-headed Partridge, Everett’s Thrush and Kinabalu Serpent Eagle

Adventure: Mountain Climbing, Walking/Tracking, Bird-watching and Trekking

Location: Malay

Region: Located at west coast of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo.

Nearest Town: Kota Kinabalu

Language: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Malayic, Malayan, Local Malay

Altitude: 4,095 m

Rainfall: 4,000 cm

Temp: 4 c to 25 c

Best Time to Visit: 01-Jan to 31-Dec

Nearest Airport: Kota Kinabalu

How to Reach there: Mt. Kinabalu, is located about hours drive from the city of Kota Kinabalu. The park HQ is 88 kilometers away from the city of Kota Kinabalu. Highways and sealed roads made the Park easily accessible. Express and minibuses are available between Kota Kinabalu and Ranau or Sandakan to the park turn-off, where it is 100m to the park.

Air-con express buses leave the long-distance bus station in Kota kinabalu at 7.50am every day and take about hours. There are also several minibuses daily from KK to Ranau. Four-wheel drive vehicles, coaches, aircraft and helicopters can also be chartered.

Accommodation: A variety of overnight accommodation is available here. Simple chalets and dorms are available at the Park HQ, Mesilau and Poring. The Park Headquarters at 1,524 meters above sea level, has range of accommodation facilities, restaurants and an exhibition centre.

The accommodation is with double twin share rooms and attached bathroom with hot shower. Many of the cabins come with living area and fireplace, and kitchen equipped with refrigerator and cooking and eating utensils. Visitors intending to cook must bring their own food. Western and local meals are available at the Liwagu Restaurant. The Park charges different rates for accommodation on weekdays and weekends.

The park also provides lodging facilities for climbers. These facilities are situated on the mountain from 3243 meters altitude. They serve as overnight rest area prior to the ascent to the summit. At the Laban Rata Resthouse there are two private rooms (the Buttercups) and there is canteen serving late lunch/dinner (5-7 pm); light breakfast before the climb (2.30 am) and breakfast after the ascent of the summit (7-10 am).