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Kenong Rimba Park

Kenong Rimba Park

Kenong Rimba Park, Malaysia is one of the multifarious tourist attractions in the country. It one of few rainforests in Malaysia, that has been able to preserve its natural beauty. The natural wonders in the park are not only mesmerizing but also numerous, you can see here waterfalls, mountain streams and caves along with a wide array of wild animals. Because of these reasons, the park has become the haven for adventure lovers, nature lovers and wildlife lovers. The park covers an area of 121 sq. km and is situated in the Kenong Valley. The park is home to the Batek aboriginal tribe of Malaysia.

The park is a haven for cave explorers; it is home to a number of limestone caves out of which the most arresting is Gua Batu Tinggi. The cave is situated roughly 122 to 152 meter above the sea level and the cave boasts of a wide spectrum of flora, including orchids, fig trees and epiphytes. The park is also ideal for the adventure lovers. In the park you can participate in activities like exploring limestone caves, swimming in the river and camping. You can also opt for trekking through the park and enjoy varied flora and fauna of the park.

The Kenong Rimba Park is home to a wide array of flora and fauna. The flora of the park includes rare orchids, plants like Tualang or Koompasia excelsa, the huge ficus tree "Pokok Ara" and last but not the least, the pink and white water lilies further enhances the beauty of the place.

The fauna of the park is also diverse, the park nestles birds like dove or Chalcophaps indica, merbah red eye or Pycnonothus Prunneus and Copsycus malabaricus or murai batu. There are also a wide variety of mammals in the park like prickly porcupine, deer and elephants.