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Dark Caves

Dark Caves

Introduction: Among the majestic four million years old limestone ranges in Batu Caves, just 12 km north of Kuala Lumpur, lies one of the nature’s most amazing wonders. Rising 300 feet from ground, the Dark Caves seem rather imposing and alluring at once.

Step into the dark passages from a magical journey back in time and be awed at the enchanting beauty of the Dark Caves. Made up of a 2 km leading passage and five chambers, the Dark Cave forms one of nature’s most fragile and unique eco-systems. The sheer beauty of natural formations adorning these caverns stood in juxtaposition of the darken realm. Grand columns standing erect, natural erosion of the elements and deposition left a marked trail that dates to millennia. Stalactites jutting from the cave’s ceiling and stalagmites raising from the floor, form unique and intricate formations such as cave curtains, flow stones, cave pearls and scallops which took thousands of years to gradually form. Indeed, these amazing wonders whisper ancient secrets and history in all its beauty and splendour.

A trip to the Dark Caves will surely leave a lasting impression. For a bit of adventure and roughing it out, step into the enchanting chambers of the Dark Caves.

· Cave trip (approximately 1 ˝ hours)
· Adventure Tour (approximately 4hours)
· Walking up 226 steps to the cave entrance

Facilities: Toilets, bathrooms, and food stalls are available Booking Rules & Regulations

visits: Daily visits to the Dark Caves, at 10.00 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. Advanced booking is necessary for the adventure tour. Cheque payment in favour of “Malaysian Nature Society”. NOTE: Styrofoam & plastic wrapping NOT encouraged


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