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Bako National Park

Bako National Park

Located just 37km from Kuching, Bako is the oldest national park in Sarawak and one of the best places in Sarawak to view wildlife in a natural setting.

Situated one hour by car and boat from Kuching, this coastal park has numerous beaches, bounded by beautiful cliffs and an extensive and well-marked network of trails. The relative abundance of wildlife make this an excellent location for naturalists or people who simply enjoy forests.

Along the trails, a rich diversity of flora and fauna are waiting to be discovered including the Borneo's endemic proboscis monkey, silver langur, bearded pigs, monitor lizards, flying lemurs and a good representation of Bornean lowland bird-life. The rainforest, ranging from the coastal mangroves to the mixed dipterocarp forest of the hills, has tremendous variety including specially adapted plants such as; pitcher plants, orchids, sundews and ant plants.

One can visit Bako in a day or spend one or two nights accommodated in park chalets. An interpretation centre provides extensive information about the park as well as nightly audio-visual presentations.

Accommodation: The park headquarters have restaurant and basic accommodation.

Temp: 20 c to 30 c

How to Reach there: From Kuching, take taxi or Petra Jaya Bus No. to Kampung (village) Bako. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes. Continue on 30-minute boat ride to the Park. Boats can be chartered at the terminal and they are operated by the local village. Bako is very remote and only accessible by longboat from Bako Village (Kampung Bako). Boats cost about RM 40 (US$ 10) per boat one-way, and the trip takes about half an hour. The boats can seat up to people, but can only leave during high tide. Bear in mind, you may have to get your feet wet during the beach landing at Bako.


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