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Tanjung Balau Beach

Tanjung Balau Beach

"Tanjung Balau not only has a beautiful stretch of beach, at the nearby Malay fishing village, there is also a unique Fishermen Museum."

Tanjung Balau is popular beach that has a quaint, planned fishing village by the same name nearby. Located about 70km from Kota Tinggi town, Tanjung Balau has various facilities including food court and stalls, a children playground and a souvenir shop.

One unique attraction you should pay a visit to is the Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum. The holds items and exhibits that illustrates how a fisherman works and to an extent, how he lives his life. OUt in the compound of the museum, you can see a few life-size traditional fishing boats which also testify to the artistic side of the fishermen community.

A walk around the planned fishing village and a visit to the museum should enlighten visitors with more accurate knowledge of the community. If you wish to stay over, there are several chalets here that are confortable and clean.

How to Reach there: To get to this beach, head for Kota Tinggi town and travel for 47km, then turn left near the Petronas gas station. From that junction, travel for another 5km. At the first round-about, turn right (at 3 o'clock). About 1km from the second round-about you will arrive at Tanjung Balau beach.

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