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Sungai Peradin

Sungai Peradin

"Sungai Peradin in Pontian, Johor is a well kept secret where visitors can go birdwatching and explore the beautiful mangrove forest. Once upon a time, there was a German community living here whose remnants can still be seen today."

Many visitors are unaware of Sungai Peradin, flanked by mangrove forests close to Pontian, Johor. The village here, called Kampung Belokok, which lies about 5km off the main road, is a hidden treasure with a colourful past.

It is said that in the Sungai Peradin area there was once a German community that worked the land and traded their agricultural produce using the river. Remnants of building columns, rail tracks and concrete slabs resembling a jetty are some of the evidences to support the existence of that community. The nearby Kampung Jerman (German Village) further supports the contention.

Today, Kampung Belokok itself is a destination famous for its fresh seafood and mangrove swamp and river cruises. Visitors come from far and near to enjoy the beauty of the mangrove forest and its inhabitants, particularly herds of monkeys numbering, which is said to number over 400, and that can be quite amuseming. Watch them as they moved in unison to cross the river or dive from tree branches.

Visitors can also visit two old charcoal kilns here, to learn how charcoal is made using the mangrove tree as a resource for wood. 'Attap' (thatched roof)-making is another rare traditional craft that should not be missed.

How to Reach there:

By Road From Kuala Lumpur, take the North South Highway (NSE) and take the Simpang Renggam exit (Interchange 247) via Benut to Pontian (trunk road 96 and 5). Sungai Peradin is located 5km away from the Jalan Pontian-Kukup junction (trunk road 95), and 10km from Pontian


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