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Pulau Ketam (Ketam Island)

Pulau Ketam (Ketam Island)

About 10 km west of Port Klang lies Pulau Ketam, a fishing island which has a character and appeal of its own. Inhabitants of the island are either fishermen or involved with the fishing industry. Here you can see activities such as the processing of shrimp paste relished by the locals, or witness jelly fish and crabs being harvested from the open sea farms. There are two villages on Pulau Ketam, the Pulau Ketam Village and the Sungai Lima Village, but most boats will drop visitors off at the Pulau Ketam Village.

The island attracts marshland birds lured by abundant fish and mangrove swamp creatures. Fiddler crabs, mud crabs and the rather strange mudskipper which swims in water, lives on land and climb trees are all found here. If you linger on the island until 4 pm you will see fishermen return from sea and unload the day's catch. Enjoy a fresh seafood meal at one of the restaurants.

Visitors to Pulau Ketam might also want to check out some of the interesting spots on Pulau Ketam, including the Nan Thiam Keng Temple, a centre of worship which gets busy during the sixth day of the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar as devotees celebrate the birthday of the temple's deity. Another temple nearby, the Hock Leng Keng Temple also gets busy with celebration of it's deity on the 28th day od the fourth lunar month.

Homestay programme are available should you wish to spend a night with a fisherman's family.

How to Reach there:
Take the KTM Komuter to Port Klang Terminal. The jetty to Pulau Ketam is just a few meters away. Ferry service is available everyday and the journey takes 30 minutes.

By Boat
If you are driving, take the Federal Highway and follow the sign board to Port Klang (Southport). You can park your car at the KTM Terminal. From Southport, the boat ride to Pulau Ketam takes baout 30 minutes.


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