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The Wild Wild West Show

The Wild Wild West Show

Starring cowboys and Apaches on horseback shooting at each other in an old frontier town setting, is like a scene from the movies, and provides hilarious entertainment for the whole family. Experience a journey back in time to the good old days of Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when you step into the resortís latest attraction, COWBOY TOWN.

cowboy town Occupying a land area of 18-acre, the Cowboy Town features a wide variety of outlets where entertainment is the name of the game, such as country and western live bands, restaurants, karaoke, disco pub, Thai traditional massage centre, bowling alley, old west cafe, shopping village and children theme park.

the evening I, the good old western feeling will come alive the moment you step into Cowboy Town when you come face to face with its rustic buildings, antiques, cowboys and cowgirls, Red Indians, country songs, stunt shows, street brawls, trick gun draws and trick horse rides.

Showtime in the public square features cowboys and Apaches in stunt acts and trick horse riding. Itís exciting to see the performers standing on the bare back of the galloping horses. After the show, visitors can try their hand at archery.