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Sri Ganesar Temple

Postal Address:
Kottu Malai,
Kuala Lumpur,

Kottu Malai Ganesar temple Kottu Malai Ganesar temple was founded in 1897, during the British colony, at the backyard of an Englishman named Wagner’s bungalow. Wagner initially served in Malaya as a senior police official, and thereupon as a practising lawyer. During that time, an Indian man, name unknown, served under Wagner as his gardener.

In 1897, this gardener, with his meagre savings, had an image of Lord Ganesha made, and placed it under a tree at the backyard of the garden he was tending to. Regular prayers were carried out by the devoted gardener and soon word spread and more people began pouring to attend the prayers. However, there existed a group of people who, out of sheer jealousy, instigated Wagner to stop the prayer sessions.