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Sri Rama Temple

Postal Address:
Solok York,
George Town, 10450.
Telephone: 60 4261 6663


Sri Rama Temple is one of the earliest temples to be built it Penang. Although it is not known exactly when the temple was first built, according to available documents, it must have existed before 1872. This is confirmed by the existence of a will dated 12 July, 1872 that mentioned the temple.

According to the will, the land on which Sri Rama Temple stands was donated by an Indian woman by the name of Ranee Dhoby. The word Dhoby in her name denotes her profession as a laundress rather than a proper surname. Ranee Dhoby was the matriach of the dhoby community that settled along the banks of the Ayer Itam River as early as the turn of the 19th century. A land grant dated 2 May, 1802, stated that she was given a piece of land by the order of Sir George Leith (for whom Leith Street was named), the Governor of Prince of Wales Island, by virtue of the authority of the Governor General of Bengal. Before she died, Ranee Dhoby created a trust for the building of a temple, to be known as the Ranee Dhoby Koil.

Sri Rama Temple was renovated in 1982, and deities such as Rama, Sita, Hanuman and Ganesh were installed. There is also a memorial to Ranee on the walls of the present temple. The inner sanctum follows the original octagonal design. Sri Rama Temple is a Vaishnavite temple, that is to say, a Hindu temple where Vishnu and his associated avatars or incarnation are worshipped as the supreme deity. This is one of the two Vaishnavite temples in Penang, the other being the Sri Kunj Bihari Temple.