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Devi Sri Periyachi Amman Temple

Postal Address:
Jalan Mengkuang Butterworth,
Pulau Pinang,

In 1948 Jalan Mengkuang Road was still an estate. A group called ‘Samarasa Sangeeta Kosthikal’ built this temple.In 1976, Mengkuang was developed and houses were built by a group of contractors. They sent a notice to the temple management to remove the temple. The management were against it and this matter had to go to court.

The management successfully won their case reasons being the group of contractors didn’t send any notice to them before building the houses. The contractors then decided pay and sell a house at RM30,000 to the management which could be made into a temple.The Periyachi Amman statue was transfered into this house. RM20,000 given by the government helped to make some changes, and Sangabishegam was held successfully.The Periyachi Amman Temple...Today.