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Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Postal Address:
Teluk Indah,
Bandar Penas,
Pulau Pinang,

Sri Mariamman Temple is oldest temple in Perai Estate, which was built 165 years ago. This temple was built by the British Government. This temple also used as primary school for the estate children. In 1970, Perai Estate and other nearest council were sold to another party.

After that , Sri Mariamman Temple and Sri Muniswarar Temple were separated under different managements.In 1989, Mr. K. Krishnan was elected as a Chairman for this temple. There is quite number of significant changes suggested, the most important one is to rebuild the temple. Peras Management Company bought over Perai Estate and developed it into a new town. With this development, a piece of land given to rebuild the temple.