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Sri Krishna Bagawan Alagam Temple-Penang

Postal Address:
Taman Pekaka,
Sungai Dua,

The Sri Krishna Bagawan Alayam Temple in Taman Pekaka, Sungai Dua, is a recently expanded Hindu temple. Penang Island has undertaken such rapid development that many of the Indian temples that used to support the rural needs of the early settlers have to reinvent themselves for a totally different, urban environment.

One such temple is the Sri Krishna Bagawan Alayam, at Taman Pekaka, Gelugor, Penang. When the temple was founded, in the early 20th century, Taman Pekaka has not yet existed. The first temple was constructed in an Indian settlement around Jalan Sungai Dua Besar, Lorong Sungai Dua and Batu Uban. It was called Sri Ramar Madam-Math and was dedicated to the Hindu deity Krishna. It served as the focal point for the surrounding Tamil community.

Around the year 1932, the temple was asked by the government to shift when its original site, where the present USM Guard post in Jalan Sungai Dua is located, had to be vacated to facilitate the construction of the Minden Army Barrack. The temple was provided with financial and building material. A generous Chinese landlord leased out a plot of land for the building of the temple. On 30 July 1965, the temple was registered with the Registrar of Societies, Penang, and at the same time, took on a new name, Sri Krishna Bagawan Alayam. An anonymous buyer bought the land on which the temple stood in 1966, and sold it to SPPK (Syarikat Koperasi Pegawai-Pegawai Kerajaan) in 1968. From 1986, the temple committee was in active dialogue with the SPPK to purchase the land and rebuilt the temple. An agreement was reached, and the SPPK completed the construction of a new temple in August 1988. However, it failed to accommodate the growing needs and requirements of the devotees. Hence, in 1991, another agreement was sealed to reconstruct the temple. After a few years of delay, the temple was finally dedicated on 31 October 2004, at 10:10am.


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