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Buddhist MaSri Singamuga Kaliamman-Teluk Bahang

Floating Sea Chariot Lantern Festival in Teluk Bahang Indian Temple The Sri Singamuga Kaliamman Temple in Teluk Bahang celebrated a unique and fascinating festival during the Maasi Magan. Maasi Magan means month of Maasi by the Indian calendar) falls between mid February to Mid March after the month of Thai.

Devotees all over Malaysia and Singapore will gather on the beach in Teluk Bahang as early as 6pmto witness and pay homage to the female deity, Sri Singamuga Kaliamman.

Chandra and I were there last year to witness this festival together with over 20,000 people crowding the beach. This is the first time we saw the Teluk Bahang sandy beach filled with Hindus. You practically see the whole stretch of beach filled up with people, all shapes and size, no joke.
Sri Singamuga statue in Teluk Bahang Penang
Sri Singamuga Kaliamman statue in Teluk Bahang Indian Temple

Almost the roads leading to Hotel Mutiara were lined with buses from not only the local community but all over Malaysia and Singapore, we were told. Hindu ladies in colorful saris, big pottus on their foreheads holding tightly to their kids in one hand. And on the other hand offerings of incense, camphor, coconut, flowers and not forgetting the lanterns.

Preparing the floating lantern for Sri Singamuga Kaliamman Festival Dish like Candlesfor the floating Sea Chariot Festivals Some lanterns were home made but it is not a problem if you need one as the street vendors were having a field day announcing their lanterns for sales. To me it is like Thaipusam but done in a smaller scale.

On the street , vendors had make-shift stalls to sell their goods and food while waiting for the celebration to commence. Indian stuffs like those you would see during Thaipusam Hindus clothing, saris, lungis and accessories were being scrutinized. Bargaining of prices were heard all over the stalls. Mostly stalls had styrofoam dish-like candle tray in luminous colors to brighten up the sea waters. The devotees made wishes before setting the lanterns afloat during the temple's annual floating chariot festival. What a lovely sight.

Devotees sang devotional hymns and chanted Omm Omm Kaliammah in praise of the deity, whose loyal servant is the lion. Styrofoam candle lantern in Sri Singamuga Kaliamman Festival Styrofoam Lanterns Rumors has it that sometimes she is seen walking along the shores of Teluk Bahang with the lion by her side. And fisherman never got lost before in this part of Penang. Some even acclaimed that the 2002.

Tsunami avoided Teluk Bahang due to her presence in the area. Every year for the past 109 years, the Teluk Bahang Sri Singamuga Temple devotees carried the deity out to sea on a beautifully lighted Chariot. Susila (Chandra's sister), Mrs Govind from Seremban were with us for this year floating chariot procession in Teluk Bahang. See the photos and the fun we had.A beautifully decorated float, affixed with decorative bulbs, carried the statue of Lord Sri Singamuga Kaliamman and some of the temple's committee members for a ride into the sea to mark the start of the celebration. Sri Singamuga Kaliamman statue carried for sea chariot procession in Penang Deity is carried out for the annual Sea Chariot procession As the sun set the deity, who is the patron saint of the fisherman was taken out on a float to bless the sea, tugged by a motor-boat.

The idol was decked out in garlands and carried on the shoulders of six men from the 104-year old

Sri Singamuga Kaliamman Temple. At about the same time, devotees waded into the water with their lanterns of various shapes, made their wishes and released the lanterns into the sea. The candles sitting on the styrofoam is supposed to hold the candles as long as it can. Most devotees came to fulfill their vows to the female deity year after year. And it seems the devotees get bigger every year. Also some new devotees came to pray fervently for their prayers to be answered.

The Floating Sea Chariot of Sri Singamuga Kaliamman in Penang The floating Sea Chariot taking a ride round the surrounding seas of Teluk Bahang. Picture Courtesy of Ben. Whether to fulfill vows or to repay their vows, the beaches was a spectacular sight as you can see thousands of lighted candles or lanterns drifting away before your very eyes. Some seems to know which lantern belongs to them and won't go home till they feel it float away from them.

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