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Rice Field Museum in Langkawi

Postal Address:
Laman Padi Langkawi,
Kuah 07000,
Telephone: 60 4 955 4312

The quiet island of Langkawi with its explicit nature still is plunged in rustic beauty. The vast expanse of paddy fields bears witness to the fact that rice cultivation is the oldest surviving industry in Malaysia. The Rice Field Museum of Langkawi bears to the past days of the land.

The scare-crows, the buffaloes, and the birds that you can find here give you a picture of the simple rustic life when agriculture was the main profession of the people.

Accessibility The place can be accessed by taxis or cable cars that are found in great numbers. As the prices are fixed, and in general reasonable, there is no requirement to bargain.

The Field of Burnt Rice Located near the Langkawi Airport, the Field of Burnt Rice is a place that you would find in every map of Langkawi. The story as known is that the place was originally an old rice field. Datuk Karma Jaya in 1821 ordered the field to be burnt so that no paddy could go to the Siamese who were involved in a war with the people of Langkawi. Locals believe that during the heavy rains some amount of burnt rice come out of the ground. The place houses a nice Malay house and a small roped -off area.

Attractions Want to see how paddy is cultivated? Then surely you should make your way to the rice Museum as you can see the entire process all through yourself. You can find all the equipments used for cultivation, all the methods practiced and also the side and the other allied activities of the villagers.

After watching the entire activity of rice cultivation you enjoy the roof-top garden, a rice farm, a souvenir shop and a herbal garden. In addition to these you can find a sone- square foot box where some burnt rice is kept.

Admission Adults require MYR2 while the children under 12 are requires no ticket for admission. The Museum is opened all days of the week from 10 am to 6 pm.

Surroundings The museum is surrounded by several plots of paddy fields. The scare crows, the hens with the tiny chicks following close to it, the huts, and the buffaloes- all give a complete rustic look. The rustic look that the museum embraces, the smell of the wet lands, the paddy fields webs a simple rustic atmosphere that is an inseparable par of the northern part of Malaysia.

The standing water of the paddy fields supports many fresh water fishes that primarily include the puyu and the sepat. These fishes are rarely found in the present-day fields which stresses mainly on commercial farming. As commercial farming lays main stress on productivity, usage of pesticides is nothing new. Regular usage of pesticides increases productivity on one hand with a proportionate harm afflicted on the natural life.

Other attractions A visit to the place would help you to learn about the process involved in paddy cultivation. In addition to this you can enjoy the shops that are located in the areas around the Rice museum. The shops sell very many interesting goods. The goods that you can over here are cheap and of good quality. You can also visit the 'underwater park' located very near the museum.

Location: The museum is located in the popular island of Pantai Cenang. It hardly takes 10 minutes to reach the museum from the airport. Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Highlights: Traditional tools and things used in rice cultivation


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