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P.Ramlee Memorial

Postal Address:
No. 22, Jalan Dedap, Taman P. Ramlee, Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur. Telephone: 03-4231131
Web site:
Opening Hours: 09.00 to 18.00 hrs. daily
Holidays:closed Fri. 12.15 to 13.00 hrs. and Mon. except public and school holidays.


The memorial which is housed at the former residence of the late versatile artiste, is specially dedicated for his vast contributions in performing arts. On display are exhibits and audio-visuals on his biography, involvement in music and films, personal items and achievements.

description: P.Ramlee is a great Malay artiste who was also a motivated director, song writer and entertainer. P. Ramlee was a name that pushed the growth of Malaysia’s music and film movement during the 50s. His films and songs are appreciated and enjoyed by today's younger generations and remain a favorite with the local majority. P. Ramlee was a unique and special person that the National Archive of Malaysia decided to renovate the home he used to live in and transform that into today’s Pustaka P.Ramlee Memorial Library (Pustaka Peringatan P.Ramlee).

Pustaka Peringatan P.Ramlee was officially opened on 22nd March 1986. The main objective of opening this memorial is to commemorate the artistic work and contributions of the late P.Ramlee to the film industry in Malaysia. You will find that the exhibits shown at the Pustaka Peringatan P.Ramlee are displayed according to themes that allows easy viewing. You can learn about the late P.Ramlee in a more personalized introduction.

The 12 different themes available are:

* A Brief Overview (Sepintas Lalu) This is a brief introduction to the late P.Ramlee as an artiste who contributed greatly towards the film and music industry in Malaysia today.

* Biography (Biografi)

This section provides the chance for you to have a closer look at materials in-depth regarding his background and family.

* Getting To Know P. Ramlee (Kenali P.Ramlee)

Here, you can have a more closer look at his schooling years, academic development and other activities he was involved in during his childhood years up to the time he became an artiste.

* The Era of Awakening (Era Kebangkitan)

You can find P.Ramlee’s collection of music works, as well as descriptions along the journey he traveled to become a singer, songwriter and famous musician.

* Songs and Melody (Irama dan Lagu)

You can explore his work in the music industry, as well as the many instruments P.Ramlee used to spark off his famed career.

* The Film World (Dunia Filem)

This film section introduces you to movies that P. Ramlee acted in as well as directed. Film clips that he was involved in are categorized and displayed according to the year they were filmed.

* A Part of the Story (Secebis Kisah)

Here are film shoots from behind-the-scenes where he acted and posed with filming equipment.

* Awards (Anugerah)

You can see the proof of P. Ramlee contribution to Malaysia's film and music industry when he was internationally awarded at film festivals.

* All My Life (Sepanjang Riwayatku)

These are displays of P. Ramlee’s photos where he posed with Malaysia’s politicians as well as his local and foreign colleagues.

* Making A Film (Bikin Filem)

Shows photo displays of actual locations from film scenes where it involved actor stand-ins and P.Ramlee himself.

* Al-Fatihah

You can see the photos taken during the late P.Ramlee’s funeral where people felt the huge loss of a great man.

* The P.Ramlee I know (P.Ramlee yang Ku Kenali)

You can view local artistes and former colleagues who commented on the sad passing of P. Ramlee and applauded his works.



Distance from town centre: 4 km.

How to Reach there: TRANSPORT Len Seng buses No. W12, 165, 166, 170, 191, 195 Mini bus No. 17 and taxi.


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