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Mat Salleh Memorial-1999

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Jabatan Muzium Sabah,
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88000 Kota Kinabalu,
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In 1895, Mat Salleh made a complaint to the Company regarding new rules imposed on Sugut River but the Company ignored him. At the same time, the Company was unhappy with the fact that Mat Salleh was collecting taxes from the local populace. Soon after the complaint, the Company burnt down his village. In 1897, he retaliated by razing the Company's harbor at Pulau Gaya. Immediately after the razing, he ordered a fort to be constructed in Ranau. Ranau is a town located in West Coast Division, in the center of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo.

The Company tried to capture the fort but they were met with heavy resistance and failed. That failure prompted the Company to burn the fort. The confrontation ended with Mat Salleh's forces retreating into North Borneo hitherland. There were also skirmishes near Gaya island, Inanam and Menggatal. Inanam is a town in Sabah, Malaysia. Menggatal is a Malaysia town and district on the west coast of Sabah, on the outskirts of the capital, Kota Kinabalu.

Later, the Company offered Mat Salleh peace. Mat Salleh agreed. Unfortunately for him, the truce with the British so outraged his own people that he was forced to flee to Tambunan. The British later would let Mat Salleh control Tambunan. He built a new fort at there; the fort still stands today. Tambunan is a town located in Interior Division of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo.

Despite the peace treaty, the Company decided to take over Tambunan from Mat Salleh in 1899. Mat Salleh refused and thus, hostility was renewed. On January 31, 1900, he was shot dead in Kampung Teboh, Tambunan. His death left the rebellion movement leaderless and effectively ended it.

Admision : Free

Distance from Kota Kinabalu: 70 km.

COLLECTION/DISPLAY: Under the care of the Sabah Museum, the memorial at Tibabar has Mat Salleh's photograph, some of his weapons and paraphernalia related to his battles with the British. Written information is on display at the fort-like building.

Services: Guided tour (by appointment)


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