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Baram District (Fort Hose) Museum-1997

Postal Address:
Baram District (Fort Hose) Museum,
Opening Hours: Daily 10.00 to 18.00 hrs.


THE Baram District Museum stands atop a small hill overlooking the Baram River in the town of Marudi, Sarawak, and was previously known as Fort Hose. Construction on the fort began in 1898 by Charles Hose, an Englishman who was appointed the Resident of Baram in 1891. The fort was completed in 1901 and served as the Resident's house.

Hose built the fort as a base to control rebellions and to defend his seat of administration over the district. It was constructed using ironwood and has two large cannons mounted in front for protection against invaders.During the Japanese occupation in WWII, the Kempetai used the fort as its headquarters. When British Government returned in 1946, it again ...

Holidays: Mon. and public holidays.

Admision: Free

Collection/display: Artifacts from the past as well as photographs taken by Charles Hose himself. Among many photographs are salt processing by the Kelabits, other forts in Sarawak such as Lio Matu Fort at Long Akah; the Kelabits megaliths as well as portraits of the tribes back in the 1900s. To know more read this article.

Services: Guided tour (by appointment).

Facilities in the Museum: MEALS/SNACKS/DRINKS CAR PARK

Location: Situated on a hill overlooking the Baram river in the town of Marudi

How to Reach there: TRANSPORT By boat