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Gallery And Art Museum

Postal Address:
Ground Floor,
Dewan Sri Pinang,
Light Street,
10200 Penang.
Telephone: 6 04 261 3144
Fax: 6 04 261 4544
Email: muzium@po.jaring.myThis
Opening Hours: Daily 09.00 to 17.00 hrs. Closed Fri. 12.15 to 14.45 hrs. Sun. and public holidays.


Natural history and ethnographical objects with some paintings by local and international artists. Rich in Straits Born Chinese heritage.Penang Museum and Art Gallery is a beautiful landmark which is the home of old photographs, maps, charts and historical relics. The Penang Museum and Art Gallery is acknowledged as the homage to the inhabitants of Penang Island and it reflects the cultural composition of the state and emphasizes on unity in diversity.

Services: Guided tour (on request), audi visuals.

Features of Penang Museum and Art Gallery:
Penang Museum and Art Gallery depicts the inherent grace and cultural heritage of each community of Malaysia are reveals the national treasures, cultural and religious performances of the nation. Penang Museum and Art Gallery was established in 1821 and the gallery was added to the museum in the year 1865. Penang Museum and Art Gallery was severely annihilated during the Second World War and under the patronage of Mr. Bingham, the concept of a new museum gradually materialized. Penang Museum and Art Gallery went through a recent renovation and presently the museum has many national as well as state treasures to its credit. The noted exhibits of Penang Museum and Art Gallery comprises of extensive collections of Baba Nyonya porcelain, furniture, jewellery and costumes that are unrivaled in their artistic beauty and historical value and the precious collection of eight original oil paintings accomplished by Captain Robert Smith .


Admision : Free

Location: Situated close to the Fort Cornwallis.