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Gunung Irau

Gunung Irau

Mount Irau (locally known as Gunung Irau). Gunung Irau is located at Cameron highland's, Pahang. At the peak, you will see a border mark of two states, Pahang and Perak. At around 6900ft or 2100m, it is the fifteen highest mountain in Malaysia. The summit temperature is around 5 - 15 degree celcius/41 - 59 degree fahrenheit. It is known for its mossy, misty and muddy forest. Cold wind and misty clouds are some of the wonders at Gunung Irau. The average time taken to hike up is 3 - 4 hours with relatively steep ascent at certain points. You can do a day trip back or overnight camping at the peak.


Exploring the rooty, muddy, facinating wonderland with rhododendrons, nepenthes, begonias, ginger flowers, etc.

Learning and experience the difficulties to get a perfect and right exposure for your photo shooting.

Soaking up stunning magical scenery of forest where trees covered in moss, cushiony clumps, fringes and curtains of moss hang among the trees.

Enjoying the wet terrain with muddy ground. Some of the ground is so soft that it sinks when you stand on it. The ground is so soggy until the mud will covered your beautiful boots.

Luxuriating in the obstacle field with a lot crawling accross and through the fallen trees and exposed roots which block the path. Some parts of the path are vertical which you have to climb up by using roots as your support.

Around The Place:

There are 2 peaks at Gunung Irau. The first one meant for camping.
Hike to Irau Kecil (Baby Irau) from car park should take about 2 - 3 hours.
It take another 1.5 - 2 hours to Gunung Irau.
The peak is actually a small platform which can fit around 30 people.
For photo "kaki" (member), you will have a breathtaking view with spectacular sunrise, if you stay overnight and manage to wake up earlier.

How to Reach there:

From Pudu Raya Bus Terminal (KL), take a bus to Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland. Take another bus to the town of Berinchang.

No need mountain guides, but the trail is definetly not for beginner in treking.