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Gunung Datuk/ Rembau

Gunung Datuk/ Rembau

Height: 884 meters
Location: Negeri Sembilan, Rembau
Water Point: Base of the mountain
Summit Temperature: 15 - 32 degree celcius
Highlight: Stronge wind, Full star sky view at night, Big granite stone stage.

Gunung Datuk is a popular picnic site for local people. Most of the locals like to picnic at the base of mountain but seldom of them picnic at the summit. Although it take only 2 to 3 hour time to reach the summit, 45 degree slope trek from the base to the summit is the reason for locals give up their trek to the summit with all those picnic item.

The summit of this mountain not a good picnic place for locals but it is a good place for the hiker who like camping style. The trekking road nothing special, all the trek to the summit, it is just a normal Malaysia rain forest, but the special and attractive part is there have strong wind & big granite stone on the summit.


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