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Gunung Chamah

Gunung Chamah

Height: 2170 M, 7121 FT (5th highest in peninsular Malaysia)

Location: Belum Forest , Kelatan and Perak

Water Point: Before 1 hour reach the top

Summit Temperature: 5 - 15 degree celcius

Highlights: Tongkat Ali, Raffesia , Tiger footprint, beautiful Temmenggong Lake, Durian Kampong.

Starting point at Temenggong lake and it's take 2 hours boat ride to Orange Asli settlement, from Orange Asli settlement to the first camp site which is near the river. The trek trail is more like up and down, time taken is about 7 hours. From first camp site to the top have to take another 7 hours.

Probably need to take note when trekking this mountain because the trail not many people goes and very far away from town, if you are lucky, might able to see wild animal and flora and fauna, whereas to the summit a lot mossy forest. look like THE LORD OF THE RING.

Important note have to take care is along the way to first camp side will get a lot leeches, mosquitoes and sand fly when raining season, may have to prepare mosquitoes coin, otherwise you unable to get nice sleep at night.