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Gunung Benum

Gunung Benum

Height: 6916ft (10th highest in peninsular Malaysia)
Location: Raud. Pahang
Water Point: Last water point - 5 hours before summit
Summit Temperature: 7 - 17 degree celcius
Highlights: Very Tough , Big Pitcher Plant and wild animal

Location Name Type

Alternative Name: Gunung Benum
Name Type: Native
Area / State: Pahang

Coordinates & Location Type:

Area Type: Hypsographic
Location Type: Mountain
Latitude: 3.833333
Longitude: 102.1
Latitude (DMS): 3 49' 60 N
Longitude (DMS): 102 5' 60 E

The starting point for the mountain is on the right hand side of the road, which is about 10 minutes walk before reaching Lata Berembun Waterfall. It is advisable to make it a three days trip for those who are interested due to limited water source and the challenges face in reaching the summit. It takes 5 1/2 hours hike to reach the first campsite; the only water source after the last available at the starting point and another 5 hours of tracking thorough not less than 13 small hills to get to the summit. you will notice some "big" Pitcher plan along the way. Upon reaching the summit, you will see a small tower with lots of bonsai trees.. however view from the summit is limited by the trees.. The most interesting part of this trip is the experience of going through the steep and slippery trail from the campsite to the water source.


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