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Gunung Ayam & Gunung Stong

Gunung Ayam & Gunung Stong

Height: 1504 meters (Ayam), 1433 meters (Stong)

Location: Dabong, Kelantan

Water Point: 1 hour (Ayam), 2 hour (Stong) before summit

Summit Temperature: 8 - 18 degree celcius

Highlights: Wildlife like Elephants,Beautiful sunrise,Bonsai garden,Rock pool.

Gunung Ayam & Gunung Stong located in one of Malaysia's primeval & largely unexplored rainforest in Kelantan. It offers endless opportunities to observe rare flora and fauna in 6 to 10 hour trekking time to the summit of G.Ayam & G.Stong.

Most of the trekkers will set their base camp at the top of Jelawang waterfall to have a easy journey. The junction to G.Ayam & G.Stong at one hour distance after the Base camp. The trek to G.Ayam is more challenging and arduous than G.Stong trek because take about 3 hour to the summit of G.Stong but 6 hour to the top of G.Ayam. For intrepid trekkers would like to stay a night at the top of G.Ayam to have the opportunities to set the tents at the bonsai garden and see the elephant footstep & beautiful sunrise.


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