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Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is a mountain retreat and tourist attraction located a relatively short distance away from Kuala Lumpur. By car, it only takes 45 minutes to reach the peak from the city. You can even park at the plateau township of Gohtong Jaya and take a cable-car ride up. In terms of environment, Genting Highlands is situated in Pahang State, being part of a vast mountain range called 'Banjaran Titiwangsa'. This also means that the area is rich with herpefauna and other wildlife, but not in the direct vicinity of Genting Highland's developed areas around the peak but in the surrounding plateaus and foot hills.

Genting Highlands itself is a tiny pocket of buildings composed of resorts, shopping complexes and a theme park located on the peak, but what brings in the droves of visitors is the Las Vegas-styled casino. In fact, this is the only legal one in the country situated on the mainland. Many people claim that suicides are a common occurence here due to gamblers losing all the money and self-worth at the casino, but that would be another bedtime story to tell. The mid-level section of Genting also hides many waterfalls and streams which can be accessed from the trunk road to Genting Highlands from Ulu Yam.

These streams are popular on weekends among locals who come to take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters or even fishing. Snakes are sighted occasionally along the trails used to visit the waterfalls, but they have become less and less frequent over the years due to development and the increase of noisy vehicles on the road. The diversity of herpefauna found around Genting Highlands may not be as great as those in the Cameron Highlands or Fraser's Hill, but because of its proximity to the city, Genting Highlands remains a reasonable place to visit if you need to do some herping conveniently without an overnight stay.


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