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Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hills)

Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hills)

Bukit Larut is a historical and charming hill located in Taiping, Perak that peaks at around 1250 m. Also known as Maxwell Hills, the hill was formerly named after a British official during colonial times. Bukit Larut is also the wettest place in the country, recording the highest amount of rainfall each year, as well as being the oldest hill resort, being established since 1910. It is far less developed than Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands, and slightly more pristine than Fraser's Hill.

As the entire hill is owned by the government, all the rest bungalows and facilities are run by them and the only access road is closed to public vehicles. Instead, you need to take their jeep service from the base of the hill which makes hourly runs to the peak, at a two-way charge of RM4 for adults. The jeep ride, which takes about half-an-hour, can best be described as harrowing if you get a nutty driver who zig-zags past steep curves and narrow bends while high on ritalin.

Alternatively, you can hike up the peak on the access road, which takes about 2 hours for the average guy to conquer. A jungle trail is also open at the foot hill by the entrace on the left side, near the bridge. Taking this trail will lead you to a check point that joins with the tarred road used by the vehicles, from which you continue your journey. Jungle trekking enthusiasts can also take another trail from the Telekom tower (telecommunications tower) at the peak that runs for a few km in a circle.

The environment on top of Bukit Larut can best be described as peaceful and relaxing. Coniferous trees have been planted around the peak, providing a continental feel to the atmosphere. On a clear day, you can see the entire Taiping town at the bottom and all the way out to the sea. Most of the time though, the peak is shrouded with heavy mist. The best time to get a view is in the early morning when the air has yet to warm up and soak the moisture.

For wildlife, Bukit Larut is popular with bird-watchers though it does have a nice diversity of reptiles and amphibians to discover. Tigers used to be spotted frequently a decade ago, but now, there are mere sporadic sightings in the jungle around the telecommunications tower. For accommodation, there are no single rooms or dorms available; visitors and tourists need to book, in its entirety, one of the many bungalows at the peak (which accommodates around 8 people on average). Alternatively, you can also camp at the top.


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