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Tengkera Mosque

Tengkera Mosque

Masjid Tengkera, built in 1728, is one of the oldest mosques in Melaka. It was renovated in 1890 and 1910, and is unusual in having a rectangular shape and a three-tier roof -- a pagoda-like structure -- instead of minarets. Within its compound is the tomb of Sultan Hussin Shah of Johor, who signed the agreement with Sir Stamford Raffles to cede Singapore to the British-East India Company in 1819.

The mosque bears a resemblance to Masjid Kampung Laut (Kampung Laut Mosque) in Kelantan, which was built some 300 years ago. The latter has the same architectural design as that of Masjid Demak (Demak Mosque) in Java, and is believed to be the oldest mosque in Malaysia.

How to Reach there:

Melaka is easily accessible by roads. From Kuala Lumpur, you can take express buses to Melaka at Puduraya Bus Station. The two and half hour journey will cost you around RM7.90. Then, you may take a No 18 bus from Jalan Kubu or a cab to take you to this mosque which is located in Tengkera, about 15 km east of Melaka City.


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