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Tasik Chini

Tasik Chini

Tasik Chini, or Lake Chini, is a place surrounded by myths which have drawn the curious and skeptical alike from all over the country, as well as from overseas. The “Chini Monster” is one of these popular stories, which tells of an ancient dragon-like beast said to dwell in the depths of the lakes – somewhat like the Loch Ness Monster.

Another commonly-held belief is that the ruins of an ancient Khmer City can be found here, beneath the surface – our very own version of the “Atlantis” legend?

Putting all the legends and tales aside, Lake Chini is actually a picturesque locale situated on the bank of the Pahang River, about 100km south-west of Kuantan.

It is a body of 12 interconnecting smaller lakes that is rich in plant and animal life. More than 130 plant species and several hundred animal species have been found in the area, and the lake itself is home to 144 species of freshwater fish.


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