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Tasik Bera

Tasik Bera

Tasik Bera is important for its biodiversity. This is Malaysia's largest natural lake. It is a shallow, seasonal, riverine lake system that flows into the Pahang River (Peninsular Malaysia's longest river). It is home to 94 fish species, approximately 200 bird species; and endangered reptilian species such as the Malayan False Gharial (a freshwater, fish-eating crocodile), the totally protected Striped Giant Soft-Shelled Turtle, the much sought after Malayan Giant Turtle, reticulated pythons that can grow to a length of 18feet, prehistoric looking monitor lizards and lots of frogs species.

At Tasik Bera, there is a chance for the fauna and flora to survive and to rejuvenate. The lake stretches 35km by 20km and covers 6150 hectares of complex, interlocking ecosystems of open waters, reedbeds, ponds, lakes, rivers, dry lowland forests, fresh water swamps, pandanus swamps; and the blackwater swamps (peat swamps).

Best time to go
For a trip around the lake and more, wet seasons are from April to May and September to January.Drier months are from February till April and June till August. But expect rainfall every now and then during dry months. As for fishing, April to September seems the most appropriate months.

How to Reach there:

By Car

From Kuala Lumpur Follow route 2 to Kuantan taking the Karak Highway(lebuhraya KL-Karak). The highway runs into Karak town. About 3km from Karak town, there are hastily set up fruit stalls by the road where you can pick up some delicious seasonal fruits for the trip. Keep following route 2 passing through Lanchang and passing by Mentakab (DO NOT DRIVE INTO MENTAKAB) along the way until you get to Temerloh.

Before entering Temerloh town there is a U-turn with a sign showing Triang. Take the U-Turn and although the milestones state Gemas, carry on down this road. Triang is your focal point as for now, 32km from Temerloh town. Much of the early part of route 2 runs parallel to Sungai Pahang.

About 20km after Temerloh(and 5km before Triang town) there is a junction called Bandar Baru Kerayong where you may see a number of signages cluttering the side of the road on the left. The now obscure 'Tasik Bera' signboard is your cue to turn left into the road. There are rows of newly erected shops on either side of the road. This road in will take another 35km to Bera. Follow the signs to Tasik Bera. From the security hut drive straight on for another 12kms down the road until you see signposts of 'the tourist information centre' directing to turn right. Following this sign will get you to the entrance oft the driveway into Persona Resort. This is just by the side of a small Semelai village on the right side of the road. Turn in, wind down the windows and smell the fresh air! Enjoy. Travel time: 3hours

From Johor Follow the North-South Highway to Yong Peng. Turn off at Yong Peng towards Segamat on route 1. At Segamat turn right into route 12. Follow this route for another 60km and then turn left at Kampung Landak. There are Tasik Bera signs along the way, just follow this for another 55km until the last sign shows a left turn into the last 5km stretch to Persona Resort. Travelling time: 5hours

By train

From Kuala Lumpur Take the train to Triang(KTM East Bound train schedule). Travel time: 7hours

From Singapore Take the train from Johore, the most southern state and closest to Singapore. Travel time: 8hours


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