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Sungai Sedim

Sungai Sedim

Interested in extreme sports such as white-water rafting? If rafting is what you’re looking for, then Sungai Sedim could be the place for you.

A 17km loop MTB track, the Sungai Sedim route is made up of an uphill track at the riverside, followed by a technical downhill, a double track and then a slippery uphill at the double track.

The hardest part of the trail is at the entry climb, the technical downhill before the crossing of the river and the slippery uphill at the double track.

How to Reach there:

From Seberang Jaya, take the BKE Expressway. Go past the High Tech Park in Karangan. After the town, look out for the Kampung Sedim signage.


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