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Paya Indah Wetlands Sanctuary

Paya Indah Wetlands Sanctuary

Here lies a playground, in the wonderful world called Paya Indah Wetland Sanctuary. A backyard of lakes with lotuses and lilies all sparkling and welcoming, safeguarding and feeding their host of wildlife, without ever asking for anything in return.

So don't just sit there and ponder, "What is so INDAH (breathtaking) about a PAYA(swamp)?" Leave your lazy airs and bones at home. Set on a personal expedition to Paya Indah. See for yourself. Be charmed and challenged by the tamed and the untamable. Be watchful, for they would convert you and entice you to return to this idyllic paradise they call home

Bicycle Station
When you reach here at Paya Indah Wetland, head on straight for the bicycle station. There you will find bicycles suitable for everyone, for all heights and ages.

Birdwatching In The Morning
Be part of the early birds, and capture them on your camera while they are feasting on their first catch of the day. Allow your lungs to indulge in the fresh morning air, and celebrate the breathtaking panorama of the changing colours of the morning sky

The Palm Garden
Try to identify the numerous different species of palm trees standing proud within this exciting landscape. Some of them have flown hundreds and thousands of miles, from different corners of the world, to gather here at Paya Indah.

The Hippo Release
The vital moment arrives, when our Park Guide announces the impending release of the celebrated hippopotami. You will see that this signal is indeed necessary, for what is going to follow will be fascinatingly quick. Weight is no measure of (or in this case, impediment to) how quick the hippos will make for the water. Like a flash they leave their pens, and in a few blinks of the eye, they find their stocky legs in the water.

Crocodile Feeding
The Buaya Tembaga which have been specially translocated here from Pulau Langkawi have the infamous reputation of being the largest and fiercest crocodiles in the world. And how contented they are to maintain this notoriety. During meal time, they bare their fangs and leap threateningly out of the water to entertain the crowd. So, for the faint-hearted, stay clear until meal time is over, which normally does not take very long at all.

Chalet Lake
You will immediately know when you've reached the Chalet Lake. Rows of coconut trees form a promenade to welcome you to the jetty. Water vehicles line up in neat and orderly files flanking the jetty.

Rumah Melayu
Out there, the hot sun is blaring its mighty blaze. And yet, when the silent breeze enters through the long windows and into the spacious hall of the Rumah Melayu, it does not scald your cheeks. Quite the opposite, it coosl and brings with it the moisture that it has accumulated from its journey across the Chalet Lake. And this would be your trophy for all that paddling around you have been doing on land and water.

The Exploration Centre
Baste yourself in some history of tin mining. This is only appropriate, for before Paya Indah surfaced, this area was nothing but an abandoned tin mining area. Indulge yourself with insightful knowledge of the various wetland zones found all over the globe. Get yourself familiar with these facts, because very soon it will become a very useful tool for you when you wander around Paya Indah.