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Gua Nasib Bagus

Gua Nasib Bagus

Description: This cave contains the worlds largest natural underground chamber. Lubang Nasib Bagus (Sarawak Chamber) is more than 600m long, 400m wide and 100m high. The exact size of this chamber is not easy to determine, as a caver needs an hour to cross it, and it is still not completely explored. Headlamps are not able to light more than a per mille of the big hall, some photographs made with special equipment show parts of the chamber. They were made using special magnesium flashs.

Sarawak Chamber is only one room of this huge cavern. The whole passage has enormous size, as do many caves at this Park.

The mouth of the cavern is the resugence of a stream. Visitors follow the stream upwards, until they reach the cave. The stream normally springs 50m below the cave entrance, through the debris of a collapsed cave entrance. The cavers climb up to a colapsed part of the roof, then descend back to the river. Inside the cave, the spelunkers follow the stream upwards inside the cave to Sarawak Chamber.

Despite its size - or because of its size - the visit to the cave is not really difficult. But as most of the time the passage is filled with water, the ability to swim and apropriate clothes are essential. Because of the high temperature the trip is despite the water not very hard. But its a lot to walk, from the headquarter to cave entrance its a walk of about 4 hours. Often this is done with an overnight stay in a base camp 1 hour from the cave.