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Clearwater & Wind Cave

Clearwater & Wind Cave

Clearwater Cave, with its subterranean river, is Southeast Asia's longest cave passage at 107 km. To reach it from the park HQ, visitors travel by longboat, usually stopping off at Wind Cave along the way. When the water level is low it is necessary to get out and help to push the boat.

Five minutes or so before Clearwater, the longboat reaches a small jetty and a plankwalk which leads to the entrance of Wind Cave. This Cave, which is actually part of the Clearwater Cave system, has some impressive stalactites and stalagmites, superbly illuminated in the "Kings Room". The cave was named for the cool breezes which can be felt at the narrow parts of the cave.

To reach Clearwater Cave from the river bank, visitors must climb 200 steps before coming to the plankwalk that leads through the well-lit cave.

As with Mulu's other caves, a flashlight is useful for examining its finer features, and for locating cave-dwelling invertebrates such as red earwigs, cockroaches, centipedes and spiders. It is not just the length of Clearwater that makes it a fascinating cave to stroll around - its underground river is certainly a special feature. There are excellent photo opportunities for those who have the patience and the eye for cave photography.

After a tour of the cave, visitors must re-negotiate the steps and return to their longboats tied up at the riverbank. At the base of the steps there is a picnic area, changing rooms and an excellent swimming spot - a crystal clear pool surrounded by the rainforest. Swarms of beautifully coloured butterflies are often found fluttering around in the shade close to the river bank.