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Pantai Sabak (Sabak Beach)

This is the site where the invading Japanese troops landed in 1941. Pantai Sabak, a pleasant beach with many palm trees lining it, is also a Malay fishing village. Here, you can have a new experience by watching the local fishermen fixing their nets, or simply preparing their boats for the next trip out to sea. The womenfolk will be there drying and salting the fish they catch. Be there also at about 2.30 in the afternoon, for this is the time that the fishermen come home with their catch of the day. Soon enough, the fishermen and the wholesalers will be haggling over the fishes. It is quite a sight to behold!

How to Reach there: From the Kota Baru airport, take Bus No 8 or 9 from the main terminal. A bus leaves every half an hour.


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