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Batu Ferringhi Beach Penang

The “Foreigner’s Rock” , or better known as Batu Ferringhi, is a very popular place in Penang. This resort strip is so famous that facilities for visitors are abundant. There are large hotels, restaurants, transport rental services and souvenir stores.

Although the beach is famous, yet the water is not exactly crystal-clear. This could be caused by the large number of visitors to the beach throughout the year. However, the sandy beach is reasonably clean.

It is crowded most of the time though, as Batu Ferringhi is a hugely popular holiday spot for locals and visitors alike. If you’re looking for luxury at a reasonable price, the hotels here frequently offer attractive holiday packages. It’s a great place even for a brief visit as you won’t run short of facilities for day-trippers.

accommodation: Batu Ferringhi has the drawbacks of a large resort, it can be crowded and much of the greenery has been replaced by concrete, but also the advantages (plenty of restaurants, watering holes and recreation facilities). It has quite a lively resort feel, and there is a good night markets on the main road selling trinkets. The big hotels offer good deals at times and cheaper accommodation is available if you want a few days by the beach.


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