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Cherating Beach

Cherating is located 50 km north of Kuantan and is, undoubtedly, the most popular beach on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The sandy beaches are dotted with pleasant casuarina trees and calm water, making it an attractive place for backpackers, tourists and locals a like.

Cherating feels a lot like an Asian ‘Hawaii’. the capital, Cherating is home to a whole range of water sports and one Club Med. The excellent wind conditions facilitate windsurfing and kite flying and occasionally, you get to ride some pretty tall waves.

If you're a leatherback turtle, you'll think the best beach in the world . Every spring and summer, these giant sea creatures come ashore to lay so if you're in town from May to June you might catch a look at the hatchlings. Meanwhile, during the turtles' off season, international windsurfing and water-board enthusiasts gather annually for competitions at this world-famous spot.

The rest is a seaside paradise waiting for you to explore. Cherating is also an interesting destination for those who like handicraft and cultural performances such as wayang kulit (shadow play) and silat (the Malay art of self-defence). Watch as the villagers weave pandanus leaves to make mats, bags, and other souvenirs.

Highlights of these include cultural performances and all types of water sports. The sea has generally good surf for board is also home to Green turtles and the occasional Giant Leatherback turtle.

To catch their annual migration, come between early July and September, when they swim ashore nightly to nest and lay their eggs.

Places to Stay: You can find chalets and kampung houses and rooms for rent at Cherating Village. Here you can especially enjoy and savor the local dishes cooked by the womenfolk and live the life of a local villager. Take part in their traditional activities, and try to fly the wau and play "sepak raga" - the Malay style of foot juggling a ball made of rattan. There are also international class hotels and resorts for you to stay. Browse this Pahang hotels and resorts directory for the list and check the best deals available.

Club Med: first Club Mediterranee ("Club Med").
walking on the beach at cherating The choice as Club Med’s first Asia location therefore speaks volumes of the beach’s splendor and endless bliss enjoyed by sun seekers all over the world.

Club Med Cherating was designed by a gifted Malaysian local architect, Hijjas Kasturi -- who also designed several unique buildings in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere -- and the resort structures were mostly made of wood, with the original ceramic roof tiles brought from Thailand.

is a place for enjoyment, unwinding and setting yourself free from all problems. The Club here also caters for kids, where parents can let them free under the care of the Club's G.Os.

Besides the big swimming pool in the complex, Club Med also boasts a whole array of aquatic thrills members can try and experience such as catamaran sailing, kayaking and windsurfing.


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At the nearby Cherating Cultural Complex, you can try your hand at kite-flying ( kite is "wau" in Malay), top spinning ("main gasing") and batik painting -by putting the die colors in the batik's design and patterns. Try them, its free...