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Teluk Bahang Beaches

Although Teluk Bahang is well-known for its beautiful beach, shady recesses and lush greenery, there is more to it than just sun and sand.

The beach aside, Teluk Bahang is also home to a recreational forest where visitors will have the chance to check out the many different and unique species of Penang’s flora and fauna. This 100ha stretch also has a Forestry Museum.

Another interesting sightseeing spot is the Teluk Bahang Butterfly Farm, where you will find yourself surrounded by more than 3,000 butterflies. Towards the north-western tip of Penang Island is the Teluk Bahang Fishing Village. Nicknamed “The End of the World” due to its geographical location, the village is where the fishermen go out to fish and come back with their catch of the day. Besides the sightseeing, there is also a popular Chinese seafood restaurant here.

Beautiful sunsets grace the beach of Teluk Bahang--Bay of Embers--where the rustic kampung (village) charms is exemplified by an intact fishing village rumbling with life. Chickens, dogs, cats and children frolic around and under the stilted attap houses and a jetty stretches some distance into the sea to welcome home the fishermen and their day's catch. A rare quixotic scene comes alive at the twinkle of an eye, otherwise found only in the best canvasses of Penang's thriving arts trade. At the distal end this idyllic beach, the paradisiacal Mutiara Beach Resort takes physical domicile.


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