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Bagan Lalang Beach

The tarred road that runs parallel to the beach is a favourite among cyclists and joggers who go there almost every evening.

WHEN the Bagan Lalang beach was first promoted as a tourism destination by the Selangor Government in the early 1990s it had little more that its fine sand lined by tall pine trees extending a long way before reaching the sea waters, some ikan bakar spots and chalets to offer.

The beach has more to offer in recent years including a spot of horse back riding, among other things, Shutterbugs would also find mangrove trees that seem to stand on their roots, the sampan lined up along the pier at Sungai Sepang Besar and the sunset over the sea are equally pleasing to capture on film. In addition, there is no lack of establishments in which to have a good seafood meal in the evening breeze.