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Air Papan Mersing

15 km towards the north of Mersing is Air Papan. This village is flanked by hills and dotted with many species of trees and palms. The beach at Air Papan is a popular picnic area where the "Pesta Air Papan" (Air Papan Festival) is celebrated on the 1st of May each year. This event has always managed to draw such a huge crowd that the available chalets are almost unable to contain the demand! The festival is fun-filled with food and games! There are also cultural performances. Asides from the Pesta Air Papan, the beach is a popular spot, drawing lots of visitors to it every weekend and public holidays. Its clear blue waters is definitely a contributing factor to its popularity. When the weather is beautiful, you can even see the outline of other neighbouring islands.

How to Reach there: Air Papan is located just 10 minutes from Mersing. Therefore, if you are coming from Mersing, take the coastal road and head north.


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